Wall Flower

I stood there in a corner

Silent and all smiling,

Holding a glass of wine

A glass with sparkles

And a grin so full of shine.

I widened the grin with every passing stranger,

no matter what storm it was.

A storm? Oh! Really?

It was a celebration after all.

I continued to carry the same routine,

A monotony for the night.

But no matter how ironical it was,

It was the actual symphony of my life.

A face so full of happiness,

A soul so pierced with sorrow.

A world so full of illusions.

The body carried the heart hollow.

I carried the weight of my soul.

The weight of being a wallflower.

A happy, caroused, rollick woman.

A woman, so empty of power.

I was nothing but a paradox.

So jovial, yet so shallow.

My vulnerability was flamboyant

But heart and soul so hollow.

I stood more around the corner,

Silently gulping the wine.

Holding the sparkles but empty of power.

The hollowness was all mine.

I was nothing but a wallflower.

A woman so happy and sad.

I was nothing but a wallflower,

A contradiction this illusionary world had.

Apoorva Singh

Semester II – M, VSIT