The House Opposite my Window

Broken pieces that’s all I could see,

From the stainless window,

Standing on the sill I prayed,

For the calm of this tornado.

I glanced once more with open eyes,

Wondering if the view would change,

Disappointed I turned away again,

The hope I had now felt really strange.

After all the numerous times

How can the scene turn around,

How can the sins till now buried,

Be dug and be found.

Lessons were being taught

And punishments for violations

The deeds were being looked into,

Just working on the corrections.

It seemed funny they name it so,

Because I know it was far from that,

But words never found light of the day,

In the corner they just sat.

Days went by looking through the gap,

And still the worse could be seen,

This time there were some sounds,

But they all seemed obnoxious and obscene.

The glass which was stainless once,

Had now enough filth to rot,

For in that house opposite my window,

In flames that bride was caught.

Shivani Gupta

Semester IV-D, VLS