Teenage...A Little Rage

Through the eyes of a teenager

I see the big greedy world!

Getting up everyday and looking at blue skies!

Deciding to make another try….

Yes, I see my success….and off to school!

I see my loved ones and feel my sadness is way down!

And I ask seriously, is it on that ground?

Deep inside I’m breaking and telling…. Let’s take another


Tears…. Rolling down!

But I won’t frown!

I can handle myself…. I believe

And in this hope…. I just leave!

Thinking in whom shall I believe?

In my times of need… Who shall be my friends?

I have bundle of supporters around

But truly I am on the ground

Deep in my own soul… I try to realize my own role

And through my eyes I see that I have none

All the time, I have in my mind ….a little rage!

Is this what the world says “Teenage”?

Deepika Chaudhary

Semester II A, VLS