A Snowflake on my Palm

Twenty years old, lost in the urban land, and spirited with the idea of travelling alone, I drove from New Delhi to Mussoorie, with my essentials, and my dog Pogo. 280 km seemed surreal since I had never travelled this far on my own, but the hills were calling me and I had to go. My companion was surprisingly patient and cooperative throughout the drive, he somehow intuited on something extraordinary was planned for both of us. Our journey began when we crossed the check post, my heart started to pound impatiently, and Pogo started to pant. He dropped his silence and shot a bark at me. I couldn’t figure out what he had sensed at that moment, but I couldn’t wait to find out. After reaching the hotel at 10 am, I dropped the bags on the bed of my room and drew the curtains, allowing my fervour to open the balcony’s door.

A cool breeze entered the room, greeting my presence and laying its hands gently on my face, embracing that I had warmly accepted the invitation to visit the ‘Queen of Hills’. My eyes rested close and I could conclusively breathe out my hassled sigh. I stepped out in the balcony and there they were- the hills, spread as far as my vision could reach, converging with the clouds and breaking the limitless sky. What happened next was unbelievable to my naked eyes, something cold and wet fell on my nose and chills ran through my spine. I brought my hand forward and felt the drops of ecstasy on my hands, and an involuntary smile eased up on my face. Another wet but warm drop ran down my cheeks, and I was out of control. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling out, with my body paralyzed and emotions in full hysteria.

My heart was crying out of relief, I was finally witnessing my first snowfall. The clouds were welcoming my arrival, showering its relish upon me. It was like being in a dream, appreciating the solitude and never wanting to wake up. Pogo barked a sharp call and came outside in the balcony wagging his tail. He placidly enjoyed his view, failing in the attempts of catching the snowflakes on his tongue. He sat there looking at me with his sparkling eyes, waiting for me to sit beside him and pause the time. Once I sat down, caressing his white fur against my cold, numb hands, capturing the fall minute by minute thinking of cameras being highly overrated, our eyes met, and it instantly hit me.

I figured it out. The white snow merged with his skin flawlessly, where the heavens amalgamated to meet its guest. Overwhelmed with the nature’s wave I realized, it was HIS first snowfall too.

Shruti Jain

Semester IV-E, VSJMC