A Happy Ending?

On the moon we walk,

Of the stars we talk.

On the earth we live,

For the stars we strive.

Of a world we imagine,

With equal rights for all

On the lands we stand,

At the cost of others blood, we are bound.

The stories of the past,

We recite to our children.

For a better future they work

Well, who lives in the present?

The leaders rejoice, at the cost of people’s lives

The thieves and the policemen, at the same side of a coin.

Some prefer to beg, others want to work,

Yet, in this small world, so little do we serve.

Only yesterday they told me,

Hard work outgrows talent.

What I see today is, bundles from the banks

And for the future, deserving dying of hunger.

I see the text books, scattered over the floor

Drugs enjoy the comfort, of the bag students bore.

And out of the window, the parks lay untouched

The swings all rusted, the flowers all plucked.

More than relations, or their emotions

Things are valued, envy is treasured.

And then they say, we are progressing

The toothless people, close their eyes, and wonder!

Subhadra Madaan

Semester IV-M, VLS