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An Unseen Presence

An Unseen Presence When I’m lonely I hear some voice, ‘I’m there’ it says but usually I avoid, A voice very humble, a voice very pure, I avoided every time but still it sounds in the same humble tone, I tried to search the fount of it, It’s presence still there wherever I sit, The…

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A Tribute to the Indian Army

A Tribute to the Indian Army Din bhi wahi tha Or raat bhi wahi thi Subah wahi thi Shaam wahi thi Sarhad se aayi Khabar bhi wahi thi Chaar jawano ki humare Shahadat jo hui thi Jab border paar se Kayaron ki goli unpar chali thi Mantri ji ki dastan Ek baar phir wahi thi…

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God’s prostitute

God’s prostitute I was five when my mother started coughing blood. The episodic fashion of my mother’s coughs helped me a lot with math. It made boring counting interesting. Very soon the digits of my fingers would end but not my mother’s coughs. My father was always busy. He was the master of poker during…

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